World Vegetarian Day: 7 Health Benefits of Being a Vegetarian

World Vegetarian Day: More and more people around the world are moving towards vegetarianism and adopting eco-friendly plant based food. Meat-free diet can lead to better health for many reasons. One reason is that many people who follow a vegetarian diet tend to consume high amounts of fresh, healthy, plant-based foods, which provide antioxidants and fiber. World Vegetarian Day is celebrated every year on 1 October to promote vegetarian diet.

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Being a Vegetarian

1. Healthy Heart

World Vegetarian Day

The possibility of excess fat formation in the body from vegetarian diet is less as compared to non-vegetarian diet. Obviously excess fat causes blockage in the arteries. In such a situation, the heart of the person who adopts vegetarian food remains comparatively healthy.

2. Reduced Risk of Weight Gain

World Vegetarian Day

Fat is very high in non-vegetarian food, especially red meat. The possibility of increasing weight and cholesterol by eating it is very high. Whereas such a risk is less in vegetarian food.

3. Better Digestion

World Vegetarian Day

It takes more time to digest non-vegetarian food. Sometimes this food starts rotting in our intestines itself. In such a situation, complaints like indigestion, acidity, gas or constipation start happening. which is causes many serious diseases.

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4. Good for Blood Pressure

In today’s era, the problem of high blood pressure has become very common. Many studies have revealed that non-vegetarians are more likely to have high blood pressure than vegetarians. Fruits and vegetables contain a good amount of potassium, which helps in reducing blood pressure.

5. Low Risk of Cancer

Vegetarianism not only reduces the risk of cancer, but also helps in killing cancer cells. Dietary fiber is sufficient in vegetarian food, which acts as a deterrent against deadly diseases like cancer.

6. Reduced Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

World Vegetarian Day

Eating a vegetarian diet can help prevent and treat type 2 diabetes and related complications. According to a study, vegetarians have half the risk of developing type-2 diabetes than non-vegetarians.

7. Reduces Asthma Symptoms

World Vegetarian Day

An old Swedish study suggests that a vegetarian diet can reduce asthma symptoms. In this study, some asthma patients were given a vegetarian diet for one year. Improvements were seen in 22 of the 24 people who followed a vegetarian diet, including less dependence on drugs.

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