5 Things to Control Diabetes in Winter | Diabetes Management

Diabetes Management: Control Diabetes in Winter with these things

Guava Leaves

In winter, if you include guava leaves tea in the diet, then it is a pleasant thing to sleep in. This will be helpful in balancing the pH level of the body. This improves metabolism. So overall coconut water can be beneficial in controlling high blood sugar levels.

Diabetes Management

Mixed Bean Salad

Diabetic patients are advised to eat foods containing less amount of sugar, calories, sodium, and carbohydrates. A salad seems like the perfect meal for them. However, what you put in the salad also makes a difference. The salad we are going to tell you about is a concoction of super nutritious foods – beans. This mixed bean salad is an ideal mid-day or dinner for diabetic patients as beans are packed with nutrients that are especially helpful in controlling sugar.

Diabetes Management


Blood sugar levels can be controlled with the use of garlic. Because the properties present in garlic do not allow the level of blood sugar to rise. The use of garlic can also get rid of the problem of pain and indigestion.

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Although spinach is available in every season, spinach found in winter is a mine of qualities. Because of the season of spinach and other green vegetables in winter. Spinach can prove to be helpful for your glowing skin, better digestion, diabetes control, blood sugar control. Along with this, spinach is also helpful in reducing weight.

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Diabetes Management


If you consume cinnamon daily in type 2 diabetes, then insulin in the body can be controlled (Diabetes Management). Cinnamon can reduce the amount of insulin in the body. It will not only enhance the taste of your food but can also help in keeping your blood sugar level in check.

Diabetes Management

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